What is DriveXperts?

DriveXperts is a free, easy-to-use app for a Driver Trainee; however, for Driving Service providers, there is a paid subscription charge that utilizes a phone-based GPS system to connect new Drivers with Licensed Driving Instructors. Each Driving Instructor is screened and licensed; that way, they can offer both in-class and in-car lessons to new Drivers, providing the students with the necessary skills to drive defensively and pass their road tests.


How Does DriveXperts Work?

By using phone-based GPS Technology and once logged in to their Free Account in the DriveXperts App, New Drivers are able to pinpoint an available Driving Instructor. It offers New Drivers an easy method for booking their in-class and in-car lessons, tracking the location of their Driving Instructor as they come to meet them for a lesson, tracking those lessons’ content using the In-App Training Calendar and for communicating with their Driving Instructor using the In-App Messaging System.


Why Use DriveXperts?

The DriveXperts App is designed to offer a seamless Driver’s Education experience. It is a one-stop, organizational tool that offers New Drivers the power to control their Driver’s Education experience. The DriveXperts App gives New Drivers the convenience of logging in and booking Lessons at times that are convenient for them. Plus, there is no need to worry about being late or missing a lesson; the DriveXperts App makes it easy to keep track of Booked Lessons with its In-App Calendar System.


Where Is DriveXperts Available?

DriveXperts is available in Ottawa, Ontario, for New Driving Students.

DriveXperts for Trainees

Start the Car!

So, you’ve got your G1 (Learner’s Permit), and you’re ready to hit the road, driving solo—but before you can do that without your parents, you’ll need to get your G2 (Probationary License). Taking Licensed Driving Instruction is the best way to ensure you learn the skills you’ll need to drive safely, pass that test AND save money on Car Insurance.

Multipurpose App!

Ready to book your driving instructions? Want to book them the 2019 way? There’s an App for that very purpose; DriveXperts makes it quick and easy to book both in-class and in-car lessons with just a tap on your screen.

With great features, such as a Service Provider Search, My Messages (for in-app messaging), Training Schedule (to track your appointments) and a User Profile div, DriveXperts is the ultimate organizational tool, when it comes to Driver’s Ed management apps.

DriveXperts for Trainers

Freedom & Flexibility

Are you a Licensed Driving Instructor looking to take bookings for lessons with New Drivers without lifting a finger? With the DriveXperts App, you have the ability to be selected via the App by New Drivers and booked for lessons, according to your availability. If you’re looking for the Freedom & Flexibility to fill up your schedule with both in-class and in-car lessons for New Drivers, track your booked lessons easily using the In-App Scheduler, Communicate with your Students using the In-App Messaging System and set your own rates, then the DriveXperts App would be a great fit.

Trainer Requirements

Signing up as a Trainer is a quick-and-easy process; simply download the DriveXperts App from the App Store (on Apple Devices), select Trainer and enter your personal information as prompted (First and Last Name, Username, Email, Password, Address and Telephone Number). Then, just confirm you are a Licensed Driving Instructor by providing a valid and certified copy of your Driving Instructor Permit (preferably a photo in jpg format) to ensure authenticity. Next, agree to the Terms & Conditions (the rules of using the App), and click Register.

Instructions for Use

Getting Started

To start booking your in-class and in-car driving lessons, all you need to do is go to the App Store (on Apple Devices) and download the free DriveXperts App to your smartphone or tablet. Next, you’ll need to create your account by selecting “Trainee”. Then, click “Create New Account” at the bottom of the main screen in the DriveXperts App.

Enter your details (First and Last Name, Username, Email, Password, Address and Telephone Number). Then, just confirm you are 16 years of age or older and agree to the Terms & Conditions (the rules of using the App) and click Register. Note: You will be required to show your G1 Learner’s Permit to your Driving Instructor at the beginning of your first in-car lesson.

Once Registration is complete, you will receive confirmation by Email, so make sure you check your email and then click the link to confirm your email address. You will be redirected to the DriveXperts App, where you will be asked to log in using the Username and Password you created.

Once logged in, you will be able to make changes to your Profile, search for available Driving Instructors, enroll in a Driving Course, book your in-class and in-car lessons via the Training Schedule, and communicate with your Instructor using My Messages.

The Features


Need to make changes to your user information? No problem. The DriveXperts App gives you full control of making changes to your information, such as first & last name, gender, address and telephone number.

Search Service Provider

Ready to book your training? Both in-class and in-car training can be booked through the DriveXperts App. Simply click the type of lessons you wish to book and click “Search Trainer”. Available Driving Instructors will be displayed so you can make your choice. The Instructors’ profiles will display a picture (if available), their location, driving instructor license number, car number and star rating. Once the desired Driving Instructor is selected, you will be able to see the type of lesson(s) available to you, as well as the cost.

Training Schedule

Never worry about missing a lesson. With the built-in calendar system, which allows DriveXperts users to track their scheduled lessons, you always know when your next lesson will be. With the Training Schedule, users of the DriveXperts App can schedule lessons, keep track of dates and reschedule lessons, if necessary. The app provides a quick-and-easy way to organize and connect with your Driving Instructor to ensure you receive all the benefits that Driver’s Education has to offer.

My Messages

Need to send your instructor a message, but you don’t have their phone number? DriveXperts offers convenient in-app messaging, which allows you to Direct Message (DM) your instructor with questions, changes and updates without having to exchange personal details.

What's Next

Once a lesson is booked, you will receive a Push Notification 30 minutes prior to the lesson start time in the DriveXperts App. When you click the Push Notification, you will be able to track your Driving Instructor (via GPS Technology) as they make their way to your “Pick-up Location”. Once the lesson has ended, you will have the opportunity to rate your Driving Instructor by choosing 1 to 5 stars and providing any comments you may have, regarding their delivery of the lesson. Leaving feedback is a great way to help the Driving Instructors make improvements where necessary and helps New Drivers choose their preferred Driving Instructor.