Terms And Condition

The Contract

The Contract under which DriveXperts is to provide services to you consists of these Terms of Service depending on what is relevant to the particular services you are availing from DriveXperts.


1. Definitions

In these Terms of Service, these words have specific meaning:

a)     Trainer - a member who has signed up to the application to provide training services.

b)     Trainee – a member who has signed up to the application to avail training services.


DriveXperts conducts its business strictly in accordance with its Code of Business Ethics.

DriveXperts has and will maintain in place throughout the term of the Contract policies and procedures to ensure compliance with its Code of Business Ethics, and will enforce them where appropriate.

Your Duty to Provide Information

You acknowledge that your information is material to DriveXperts providing the Services:

a)     Full, complete and accurate information relevant to the Services;

b)    Provide and update information is a continuing one and lasts for the duration of your being a member of DriveXperts.

You undertake, warrant and represent that all information provided to DriveXperts for the purpose of the membership shall be true, accurate and complete, and not misleading. In providing the Services, DriveXperts is entitled to assume that all information that you provide is true, accurate and complete in all respects

Security and Compliance Rules

This Part is relevant for all compliance of rules of DriveXperts. Any member of DriveXperts has to maintain the rules of professional behavior and would under no circumstances perform any activity, that’s not legal. Under any circumstances any inconvenience, complain, any unruly behavior is to be raised to the administrator for action.